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Candidate Services

Our diverse candidate services are truly second to none. Please consult the list below to get more information about each different solution that Austin Matley can offer you.

Role Match Profiling

Our role match profiling assesses personalities with compatible opportunities within an individual.

At Austin Matley, we will utilise a personality questionnaire and psychometric profiling that will effectively enable us to assess the your key behaviours within the workplace. If you are looking for a reliable method to demonstrate your highest potential, team fit capabilities and general development, then our assessment is for you.

You only have to complete the questionnaire and the ability assessments once, however the data it provides can then be interpreted for a wide range of different applications to assess suitability for various diverse roles. This builds a long term portfolio for each candidate to build and deliver a successful career path.

These reports give Austin Matley the necessary information to find an ideal position for you that is guaranteed to benefit both parties and drive your career development, building a long term portfolio for you to build on.

Interview Coaching

Are you a nervous interviewee? Have you been interviewing for a while with no success or minimal feedback from potential employers? Reach out to Austin Matley today for professional coaching.

Our interview coaching service is ideal for candidates who are currently struggling with finding the right role. Whether you feel like you get nervous at interviews or you aren’t completely sure why you haven’t been successful yet, we would be happy to work with you.

The Austin Matley team has a wealth of experience in interviewing and demonstrable success in coaching candidates into their ideal career choice. Our 121 sessions are guaranteed to accurately assess your strengths and development areas during an interview.

From general body language to answering specific interview questions, we will go through everything to make sure you get that perfect position in line with your career goals.

CV Writing

Your CV is your personal brand, getting this right is imperative to drive your career, this is where Austin Matley can help!

Having a well thought out and properly formatted CV is absolutely vital if you are going to land that dream job you have been pining for. While there are many templates online, they will not be able to compete with a truly customised resume promoting your personal brand.

We will meet you in order to get a full overview of your desired position, qualifications, previous job experiences as well as personality traits. We believe in offering a personable service at all times and our CV writing solutions are no exception to this rule.

Get in touch with our recruitment experts at your earliest convenience to receive a CV that will stand out from the rest and land you that perfect position in no time.

Career Advice and 1:1 Coaching

From general career advice to 1:1 coaching, a fresh graduate or a seasoned CEO –  Austin Matley has got you covered.

Are you still studying or have you recently graduated and are now trying to figure out the best course of action to utilise your skill set? Perhaps you would like some coaching and advice on constructing a professional CV or job application that stands out from the rest. Austin Matley has a wealth of experience to support all career levels.

Austin Matley will get to know you and understand your personal requirements, no matter what stage of your career. We will work together to develop you to get the best for your future.

Social Media Profile Reviews and Personal Branding

Social networking profiles are becoming increasingly popular for potential employers to search when considering you to join their team – make yours stand out with help from Austin Matley.

The creation of a solid social media presence is a vital part of networking and getting the best opportunities regardless of whether you are seeking to expand your employment opportunities or promoting your personal brand. A survey taken by the Oil and Gas sector found that 82% of employers have looked up a candidate on social media and 64% have actually rejected a candidate based on their findings.

Personal branding is essentially an individual representation of you that involves creating your own voice that people will recognise, relate to and remember you by. Why would you not want to take control of the way people perceive you on social media?

Austin Matley is an industry expert in personal branding that will greatly increase your opportunities. However you are looking to expand your brand and career, we will be there every step of the way to help you create a presence within your industry, that is a fully positive one.

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