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Client Services

The services we offer our clients are multifaceted and always tailored to their specific needs. Please keep reading to find out more about each specialist solution offered by our accredited team.

Executive Search

Our executive search service will enable you to find and recruit a supremely qualified candidate for a senior level position.

Austin Matley has a wealth of experience in executive search to source your now and future talent who will be a long term asset to your company. Also known as headhunting, this process enables us to find the top talent in the sector you are working in to assist in growing your business and continuing your success.

We will thoroughly research the market, the availability of potential candidates who are suitably qualified and ensure each individual is the perfect culture and team fit for your organisation.

Contingency Recruitment


Only pay for your service once a successful candidate has been found and placed within your company.

Austin Matley will take care of the sourcing and screening process for you. We will carry out thorough research to identify a number of qualified candidates who are guaranteed to benefit your business.

We will then present this candidate pool to you for a formal review to check skill compatibility, behaviours and culture fit.

HR Services

Austin Matley provide Outsourced HR Services and Support

Regardless of the size of your organisation or its exact current requirements, we are confident that we can create tailored HR solutions which will enable your business to operate at optimal levels and grow exponentially.

Areas we focus on, however we are not limited too are:

  • HR Outsource
  • HR Generalist Services & Projects
  • Organisational Design
  • Strategy Succession & Workforce planning
  • Role match profiling

Organisational Design

Enlist the organisational design expertise of Austin Matley to improve your company’s efficiency in ways you didn’t know were possible.

There are many reasons why a business might be in need of refreshing its organisational design. Perhaps there is a specific process that is due for an overhaul, a new strategy in place that requires a re-structure? Sometimes a newly implemented policy is affecting the way certain procedures are carried out. This is where Austin Matley comes in.

We will meet with you in order to thoroughly understand the parameters of the current work environment as well as identify the type of change required. Once we have a clear view of the business process and available resources, we will begin designing new methods.

Once a change has been approved and implemented, we will keep monitoring it to ensure that everything is always working optimally to continuously achieve the desired result.

Succession and Workforce Planning

Austin Matley will ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions within the organisation with our workforce planning service.

The focus of workforce planning is to gain a deep understanding of various trends that will have a future impact on your services, customers, partners and investors. The goal of workplace planning is to ensure that the correct people are in the right jobs when these trends come into play. Identifying skills gaps, the right behaviours of individuals to drive your culture and ensure you have the right Resource Strategy in place to ensure success.

With a clear overview of the trends, we will develop teamwork plans that will be most efficient in helping your company reach its goals and deliver the company strategy.

Succession planning brings in some additional aspects such as analysing team and leadership profiles, ensuring you have the right talent in line to succeed your top line, deliver the strategy and drive performance for continued & future success

Role Match Profiling

Our role match profiling assesses personalities with compatible opportunities within a business.

At Austin Matley, we will utilise a personality questionnaire and psychometric profiling that will effectively enable us to assess employees key behaviours at work. If you are looking for a reliable method to identify your high potentials, leadership capabilities, build effective teams and general workforce development, then our assessment is for you.

The assessments only have to be completed once, however the data it provides can then be interpreted for a wide range of different applications to assess suitability for promotion, succession, attraction methods and skills gaps. This builds a long term portfolio for each employee to build and deliver a successful career path, drive efficiencies, build capable teams to drive performance and deliver the business strategy and goals.

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